By Duncan Smith

Joe Biden is bucking to become the worst president in the history of [what remains of] our republic.

And frankly, we’re not sure yet if it is intentional — but it could be, given that he’s not really the president Americans elected last November. But enough about that.

Biden came into office on inflated approval numbers, and we say that because for a president who:

— supposedly got 81 million votes and

— was at about 65 percent approval;

…he was the anti-Donald Trump when it came to drawing supporters to his campaign and other public events.

Trump’s were constantly over-capacity, as Americans waited in lines for days to get into his venues. Biden and Kamala Harris together couldn’t fill high school gyms.

But we digress.

After about seven months in office, the polish is coming off the apple: Biden has screwed everything up from the border to the economy to our energy independence to the Afghanistan withdrawal, and his approval numbers are reflecting it, per Breitbart News:

President Joe Biden's approval rating has collapsed to 39 percent, the lowest point of his presidency, according to a Wednesday Economist/YouGov poll.

While only 39 percent approve of Biden's job performance, 49 percent disapprove, a drop of six points in one week.

Overall, Biden's evaporating approval numbers are primarily due to Democrats, who have begun abandoning him amid the challenges of inflation, Afghanistan, and coronavirus. Nearly nine out of ten Democrats had approved of Biden for almost half of his first year, but Democrats have since dropped support of the president by nine percent in one week (77 percent from 86 percent).

Biden is not just suffering from Democrats' low approval. Only 39 percent of independents approve of Biden's performance. Nine percent of Republicans feel the same way.

Now, if Biden, the mental deficient, really is in charge of his own ship, this explains a lot.

If he’s not in charge of his own ship, this explains a lot, the latter being that the powers that be — those people who keep telling him not to take questions at press conferences or which reporters to call on — are likely tanking his presidency on purpose to pave the way for Harris, who will literally be just a figurehead because she is all about prestige, not real power.

Either way, our country is screwed with these two bozos ‘in charge.’

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