By Duncan Smith

Republicans look poised to retake at least the House in the 2022 midterms provided Democrats aren’t allowed to cheat again like they did last year.

But they’re not waiting around for that to launch a comprehensive probe into the crap storm of an Afghanistan withdrawal, complements of the most feeble-minded president our republic has ever had.

One GOP representative noted on Wednesday that members are going to figure out what happened and then figure out who should be held accountable for the debacle, which, ultimately, rests with Biden.

Newsmax has further details:

Congressional Republicans are launching a full-scale inquiry into every angle possible in connection with the Biden administration’s actions in Afghanistan, as there are still far too many questions that aren’t being answered about what happened, Rep. James Comer [said]…

“We’re trying to find out answers that Joe Biden should have already told us by now, so we’re questioning every potential person that would have any knowledge, whether they be in the intelligence community, whether they be active troops, we’re trying to talk to people who have just been evacuated, who were behind a few days,” the Kentucky Republican said Wednesday on “National Report.”

Since they don’t hold the House majority, the Republicans won’t have subpoena power, Comer said, and “unfortunately, the Biden administration is not cooperating with us. … The mainstream media continues to give Joe Biden a free pass on his botched Afghanistan withdrawal.”

“There’s a huge disconnect between the Democrats who are the majority party and what mainstream Americans want from Congress, so we’re going to keep fighting,” Comer said. “We’re going to be in Washington in a couple of weeks and hopefully, [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi’s grip on the Democrat conference will start to waver because of Joe Biden’s plummeting poll numbers.”

Democrats under Pelosi aren’t going to “waver” — that party is full of cultists, so that is out.

But this probe is vital because it will take time to gather information, get witness accounts, and put together a full picture of what happened so that in early January 2023 when the new GOP majority takes over they can hit the ground running and start holding people accountable.

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