By Duncan Smith

White House press secretary Jen Psaki signaled Wednesday that her boss, Joe Biden, thinks he has the authority to push new COVID-19 “mandates” on the country – or, at least, the Marxists running his administration think so.

The Epoch Times has more:

Ahead of President Joe Biden's announcement Thursday about new COVID-19 measures, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that there may be new measures that will be imposed on unvaccinated people.

'There are six steps the president's announcing, there will be new components,' Psaki told reporters on Wednesday. 'Some of that will be related to access to testing, some will be related to mandates, some will be related to how we ensure kids will be protected in schools.'

When asked about how the new steps would impact Americans' lives, Psaki said that 'it depends on if you're vaccinated or not.'

Psaki provided few details on what mandates could be imposed on unvaccinated Americans. On Tuesday, she told reporters on Air Force One that the federal government lacks the authority to mandate vaccines for everyone.

'There will be new components that sure, will of course impact people across the country, but we're also all working together to get the virus under control, to return to our normal lives,' Psaki also said, without elaborating, on Wednesday.

First and foremost, here’s a blockbuster for Psaki and rest of the Stalins populating this administration: We don’t need Washington’s permission to “return to our normal lives.”

The vast majority of Americans have already done that and since we’re not Australia, we’re not going back to perpetual lockdowns.

Another thing: Red states need to be prepared to tell this regime where they can stick their “mandates.”

States are autonomous organs in our republic, they are not completely subservient to the lords and ladies of Washington, D.C.

Enough of this BS.

Biden doesn’t have the authority to order a single American to do a damned thing when it comes to COVID; state governors is another matter, as well as state legislatures, but the president is first and foremost in charge of the federal government, which is not in charge of state governments.

This is a big, fat line in the sand, you red state governors and legislators. Stand firm.

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