By Duncan Smith

He looks good in a suit and he’s a slick politician, no doubt, but if Gavin Newsom were governor of a purple state where he would legitimately have to earn his election victories rather than the deep blue bastion of California, the guy would be spending a lot more time at his million-dollar winery than in the statehouse.

Newsom has abused California voters six ways to Sunday — he’s been hypocritical during his COVID lockdowns; he has allowed crime to skyrocket, along with housing prices and the cost of living; and he’s overseen brown-outs and blackouts of the state’s power grid along with a dramatic rise in homelessness.

But because Democrats are kool-aid drinking cultists, he continues to win elections there when he hasn’t earned them.

Only now, finally, he’s in trouble.

A combination of things (see above) threaten to combine to topple him from power via a recall election, and his next-closest opponent is a black man and a conservative — Larry Elder.

And the criminals who run the California Democratic machine are panicking.

They are liable to do ‘something’ to ensure a Newsom victory as more and more Californians look to vote “no” to retain him rather than yes, according to several polls.

Cheat, in other words. And the candidate who knows the most about that, Donald Trump, is sounding an alarm.

Per Newsweek:

Former President Donald Trump has said the upcoming gubernatorial recall election in California is 'probably rigged,' less than a week before voters are due to go the polls.

'Well, it's probably rigged,' Trump said. 'They're sending out all ballots. It's all—the ballots are, you know, mail-out, mail-in ballots.'

'In fact, I guess you even have a case where you can make your own ballot,' Trump went on.

'When that happens, nobody's gonna win except these Democrats,' the former president said. 'The one thing they're good at is rigging elections, so I predict it's a rigged election.'

Newsom is in trouble, clearly, and he knows it. 

Trump does, too, and there’s no question he is right: The big blue machine in the Golden State will continue to cheat their assets off to stay in power.

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