By Duncan Smith

Kamala Harris is a lousy vice president and a horrible leader.

But she’s a very good Democratic politician.

The VP has no time to deal with the porous border she was assigned by her co-president, Joe Biden, to take care of.

She doesn’t have time to bother with figuring out solutions to the crisis of American hostages remaining in Afghanistan.

But hey, she’s got plenty of time to fly out to her home state of California to campaign for one of the worst governors in the country, Gavin Newsom.

And why is she going?

Because Newsom is a hair’s breadth away from being recalled and from GOP candidate Larry Elder taking his place.

The Conservative Treehouse has more:

After assisting Joe Biden with the Afghanistan withdrawal plan; and after assisting Joe Biden with the southern border security plan; Kamala Harris takes her support network to California this Wednesday in an effort to support embattled Governor Gavin Newsom who is attempting to avoid a recall election September 14th.

The White House occupant previously put Kamala Harris in charge of fixing the border crisis, a responsibility she is failing at miserably. Joe Biden also put Ms. Harris in charge of: immigration enforcement, increasing broadband access, black maternal mortality, racial inequality, women in the workforce, infrastructure spending, voting rights legislation and the Space Force.

Somewhere, our founders are shaking their heads in disbelief at the dismal quality of ‘leaders’ their descendants are electing to our highest offices.

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