By Duncan Smith

Donald Trump literally gave up everything he had to become president, and for his troubles, he was impeached twice, ruthlessly assailed by the military-industrial complex and deep state, and undermined by every lever of government that exists.

And he still managed to destroy ISIS, make historic peace and trade deals, bolster the U.S. economy, make our country energy independent, see wages rise to historic levels for blacks and Hispanics, see unemployment fall to historic levels for both demographics, and make our country respected and feared again by our enemies.

In seven short months, Joe Biden and the Marxist sycophants running his regime have destroyed it all.

That would be enough to discourage any normal man, but Donald Trump is no ordinary guy.

Rather than limp off and lament what has happened, Trump appears to be more energized than ever for another term in the White House.

USA Features News reports:

There are additional signs that former President Donald Trump is indeed planning on getting into the 2024 race for the White House.

Though Trump hasn't come out and formally announced his candidacy yet, it's worth noting that no other Republican hopeful has done so, either, though admittedly, it is early since the country is still more than a year away from the 2022 midterms.

Trump had reportedly said he would make his decision after those races, and it's widely believed he'll be swayed to run again for the GOP nomination if Republicans eke out wins in the House, the Senate, or both.

But other signs point to a 2024 Trump candidacy.

For one, Trump has hired staffers in Iowa, where the first primaries are held. For another, he has been enthused by President Joe Biden's tumbling favorability ratings and poll numbers as he has fumbled on Afghanistan, inflation rises, and the COVID variant delta sickens hundreds of thousands.

'Trump sees Biden is on the ropes. He wants to throw punches as a combatant, not a heckler from the stands,' Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., told Politico.

If our country ever needed Trump or a Trump-like leader and Congress, it’s now.

Biden’s sycophants are destroying the economy, our status in the world, and the civil society all at the same time.

It’s literally Trump…or bust…in 2022 and 2024.

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