By Duncan Smith

For years, Democrats have complained about Republican “gerrymandering” being responsible for the party managing to keep control of the House as well as most state legislatures.

But following the 2020 Census, Democrats are using it to literally gerrymander Republican districts out of existence.

That is especially true for Republican firebrands who are effective at holding the garbage party responsible for their treachery and Marxism.

Like Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert, a freshman lawmaker who is being targeted by Democrats for elimination.

The Associated Press has more:

Colorado's nonpartisan redistricting commission has proposed a congressional map that would create a new swing seat in the northern Denver suburbs and lump conservative firebrand Rep. Lauren Boebert into a Boulder-based solidly Democratic seat currently held by liberal Rep. Joe Neguse.

The proposal from the commission staff on Friday would rearrange the political geography as part of the once-a-decade redistricting process. It's the first test of the commission model approved by voters in 2018. Staff had released a possible congressional map in June, but Friday's was its first drawn off the official, newly released Census data that is required to be used for redistricting.

The map will be followed by a series of hearings, along with a map of state legislative districts. Both may change significantly in the weeks to come, as the commission races to meet an end-of-the-month deadline to approve maps. …

Boebert, a Republican, represents that district, but her home in Garfield County would now go into a reshaped 2nd Congressional District — represented by Neguse, a Democrat — that stretches to the Wyoming border with most of its population in the liberal bastions of Boulder and Fort Collins.

So, Democrats in Colorado know that can’t beat Boebert in a straight-up election, so they are simply going to try and eliminate her district.

Republicans in red states — are you paying attention?

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