By Duncan Smith

Republican-led states are not just known as bastions of freedom and individual liberty, they are also developing a reputation for being the country’s economic drivers.

For years, blue states bragged that they were responsible for the vast majority of U.S. GDP, but that equation has all but flipped in the age of COVID-19 and Democratic leaders who have Stalinesque tendencies.

On the heels of a federal economic report showing less-than-stellar job growth comes another showing where the country’s economic activity is really coming from, according to PJ Media:

Last week, the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) released a report that they say the 'picture painted here is clear.'

According to FEE, ten states have already returned to pre-lockdown unemployment rates, or very close to them. The ten states are Nebraska (2.3%), Utah (2.6), New Hampshire (2.9), South Dakota (2.9), Idaho (3.0), Vermont (3.0), Alabama (3.2), Oklahoma (3.5), Montana (3.6), and Georgia (3.7).

The FEE report notes:

Many different factors influence unemployment rates, but there's one glaring thing these 10 states all have in common: Republican governors. Generalizing, GOP-led states had lighter government lockdowns on their economies and reopened sooner. So, too, except for Vermont, these states have all prematurely terminated the ongoing supplemental unemployment benefits that can pay unemployed households up to $25/hour. 

These states have already returned to pre-pandemic unemployment rates: (One — Vermont — is blue): Nebraska (2.3%), Utah (2.6), New Hampshire (2.9), South Dakota (2.9), Idaho (3.0), Vermont (3.0), Alabama (3.2), Oklahoma (3.5), Montana (3.6), and Georgia (3.7)

Here are the states with the highest unemployment figures (one — Arizona — is red): Arizona (6.6%), Louisiana (6.6), Pennsylvania (6.6), Washington, DC (6.7), Illinois (7.1), Hawaii (7.3), New Jersey (7.3), California (7.6), New Mexico (7.6), New York (7.6), and Nevada (7.7).

FEE adds:

With the exception of Arizona, these states struggling with high unemployment all have Democratic governors (or mayor, in the case of DC). Generally speaking, they had longer and harsher government restrictions on their economies than the top 10 states. And, except for Arizona, all of these bottom-ranking states continued to offer residents expanded payouts to stay on unemployment benefits.

There is no good reason to continue living in Democrat-run state. They are more dangerous, less vibrant, and much less free.

And the opportunities for a better life are far fewer, as this latest data proves.

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