By Duncan Smith

As the Tuesday deadline approaches in less than 24 hours — and after having months to prepare for evacuation — the Biden regime said on Sunday that it can’t guarantee all Americans who want to leave Afghanistan will be able to do so.

Meanwhile, the regime has evacuated 10s of thousands of Afghan citizens.

BizPac Review notes:

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan could not say with certainty on Sunday that the Biden administration will be able to evacuate all Americans from Afghanistan, let alone special immigrant visa holders and others who helped American forces during the two-decade conflict.

Cornered by CNN host Jake Tapper, Sullivan appeared to demur when asked directly whether a full evacuation of American citizens and SIV holders is possible ahead of a withdrawal deadline on Tuesday.

'You and I both know there are Americans on the ground in Kabul right now who can't get into the airport,' Tapper said to Sullivan. 'They can't even reach it.

'There are legal permanent residents of the United States who can't get out. There are Afghans who have the special immigrant visas who cannot get out. They're obviously not all going to get out by the deadline. They just aren't. So, what happens to them after Tuesday?' he asked.

Sullivan responded by saying that the administration estimates 'we're down to a population of 300 or fewer American citizens,' going on to repeat what White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Friday, that the administration believes it has 'substantial leverage to hold the Taliban to its commitments to allow safe passage for American citizens, legal permanent residents, and the Afghan allies who have travel documentation to come to the United States.'

'We will use that leverage to the maximum extent and we will work with the rest of the international community to ensure the Taliban does not falter on these commitments,' Sullivan continued.

Translation: ‘We can’t get them all out and we don’t want to discuss the reasons why.’

This is nothing short of treason, period. That’s not gaslighting, it’s a fact.

You don’t leave Americans behind. 

The Biden regime is about to do just that.

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