By Duncan Smith

The First TV’s Jesse Kelly railed at the ruling class in the Biden administration for showing nothing but weakness on the international stage while caring nothing about the country and only being concerned about their political futures.

Kelly ripped the Biden regime for leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan — “and we’re going to leave Americans behind,” he said — despite the fact that the administration has said otherwise.

He also noted that the Taliban has said it wouldn’t extend an Aug. 31 deadline for the U.S. military and all American citizens to be out of the country before the window closed, but the regime doesn’t care.

“When they decided they wanted out of Afghanistan, they decided it just based on politics,” Kelly said. “This was a political move.”

Kelly noted: There is no love of country within our administration. They simply do not care about us. All they care about are their radical leftist pollical agendas. Our administration just admitted that they are going to leave American citizens behind in Afghanistan. How is that an administration that is for the people?

He also predicted that when the Sept. 11 anniversary arrives next month, there will still be Americans trapped in Afghanistan.

It’s powerful stuff.

Watch below, via The First TV.

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