By Duncan Smith

Sen. Marsha Blackburn is a patriot, without a doubt.

On Thursday she appeared on Fox Business Network in an interview with former Trump administration economic guru Larry Kudlow to rail again Joe Biden and his Democrats over their multi-trillion-dollar spending packages that will literally lead to the destruction of our country if played out to completion.

“The average child that is born this year is gonna have $83,000 of personal debt — their responsibility, their share of our federal debt. That is what we’re heaping on these children,” Blackburn said, adding that it’s personal for her as well because she has grandchildren she doesn’t want to burden with so much debt.

Later, she railed at the Biden regime over its mishandling the Afghanistan withdrawal, especially after a deadly attack on U.S. forces Thursday.

She said that America owes it to “our partners” to get them out of the war-torn country, but it appears that many will be left behind thanks to our feckless, incapable commander-in-chief.

Watch below, via Fox Business:

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