By Duncan Smith

Joe Biden should have been impeached for a number of things already.

For one, he literally enabled an invasion of our country by reversing all of Donald Trump’s border security policies.

Two, he just ignored a Supreme Court ruling that said extending an eviction moratorium was unconstitutional (and he’ll probably ignore the high court’s ruling ordering him to reinstate Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy).

Now he’s going to abandon Americans in Afghanistan.

Fox News host Bret Baier delivered the news during a Tuesday appearance on his network.

It’s disgusting what this man and his Marxist Democrat handlers have done to our country is record time — just a few months.

Does anyone doubt what a basket case we — and the world we protect — will be if we don’t elect a whole bunch of responsible MAGA types to Congress during next year’s midterms?

Then again, quitting a union where a president ignores Supreme Court orders seems appropriate, too.

Watch below, via Fox News.

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