By Duncan Smith

Former Fox News star Bill O’Reilly, now host of a fast-growing nightly program on The First streaming network, took up the issue of race relations in America during his Monday show

In discussing the timely topic — which should be discussed more, frankly — O’Reilly made it clear that he’s not a bigot, he doesn’t know any bigots personally because he refuses to associate with them, and that he has regularly called them out during his long broadcasting career.

After noting that all Americans were promised and guaranteed the right to the pursuit of happiness, the host sought to empower blacks the most.

“It starts with African-Americans themselves demanding that their neighborhoods be cleaned up,” he said, “demanding that the drug gangs get out, cooperating with the police. I know it’s hard but you can do it anonymously.”

He also said that it’s true blacks have had it harder in America than whites have and as such whites have an obligation to help blacks help themselves.

“Their ancestors, many of them were enslaved. I know mine were — in Ireland! I know how it is,” he said, adding that he knows some of his black friends are looked down upon.

“But if all of us would help each other and stop with the victimization — it doesn’t do you any good!” O’Reilly railed. “You don’t need a government handout. You need to get educated and work hard and obey the law.”

There’s more, but it’s powerful stuff. Watch below, via The First TV.

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