By Duncan Smith

We don’t doubt for one second that President Trump wasn’t a difficult man to work with at times.

But we also know that he didn’t discourage people from offering suggestions about particular policies.

When he made his decisions, that was that.

However, he asked for opinions and took them in before making his choice.

Not so much in the Biden regime. That’s because for all the times Trump was deemed an “authoritarian” by Democrats, the fact of the matter is it’s the Democrats who are tyrants.

And the current regime is no different.

Conservative Brief reports:

Top aides to President Joe Biden and his national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, have admitted they were 'too scared' to question either man about key decisions in the lead-up to the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

According to a report Sunday in the UK's Daily Mail, Biden 'is accused of insisting on recalling U.S. troops ahead of the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington DC, and allegedly ignored warnings that it would not leave the military enough time to get American nationals and allies out.'

Word that top aides were too fearful of challenging Biden and Sullivan comes from a former Defense Department official who is in 'regular contact' with current senior White House aides, the outlet continued.

The Sunday Telegraph adds that some officials within the Biden administration unsuccessfully pressed the president to keep open the massive Bagram Air Base because it has more runways than Hamid Karzai International Airport in the capital of Kabul, the facility at the center of U.S. and NATO operations throughout the 20-year war.

The official said that the regime operations 'like an autocracy' and is authoritarian in stifling dissent.

'It's one thing to crack down on leaks, it's another thing to allow a mistake like this,' the official told the Daily Mail.

'This White House is very disciplined, especially when it comes to leaks and such. But the downside of discipline is if you're running things like an autocracy, and you broker no dissent internally, that's not what the purpose of a White House staff is,' the official added.

With this kind of requirement for Nazi-like adherence to obviously bad policies, don’t believe for a second that the debacle in pulling out of Afghanistan is going to be the last.

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