By Duncan Smith

We’ve said it for a long, long time: Democratic policies are not overwhelmingly popular and for proof of that we point to the fact that the party has to lie and cheat and steal its way to victory.

Even in deep-blue states (that maybe wouldn’t be so deep blue were it not for all the cheating).

Case in point: California.

A black Republican — Larry Elder — is poised to beat leftist lunatic hypocrite Gov. Gavin Newsom if all the votes are counted properly, according to a torrent of reports.

But then, that’s going to be the problem: Properly counting all the legal votes.

To wit, here’s a report from We Love Trump:

A report has surfaced from the Torrance(California) Police Department that they arrested a man that was in possession of Xanax, a loaded fire arm, methamphetamines', and thousands of ballots.

According to reports a Torrance police officer was called to check up on a man that was passed out in his SUV at a 7/11 parking lot.

After the officer didn't get a response from the man in the vehicle, the officer further investigated the situation and was able to find a loaded firearm arm, Xanax, meth, and 'mail'.

The ballots are more than likely from California's ongoing recall election which is an attempt to remove Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom and in return replace him with Republican Larry Elder.

It appears that Democrats are getting scared that a Republican Governor could be taking back California.

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