By Duncan Smith

There is probably no more fake political ‘leader’ than Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom of California.

In addition to being a massive hypocrite, he embodies the slick, polished, blow-dried used car salesman persona that nearly all Democrats have become.

They have to ‘sell’ a persona because their policies are destructive, chaotic, costly, and dangerous.

California is slipping into the abyss under Newsom and more residents seem to know it.

He’s not very bright, his policies have been terrible for the state, and were it not the tech and farming center of the American universe, would be broke, broken, and destitute.

Now the Democrat power centers are coming to gether to save him.

Here’s the Washington Post:

First, the polls have moved closer to even, suggesting that Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is suddenly in real jeopardy of being recalled.

And second, Newsom and the California Democratic Party have responded to that by doubling down on a dicey strategy they charted from the outset: getting supporters to avoid selecting a potential Democratic replacement.

Newsom said Aug. 9 that supporters should not choose a replacement. And the California Democratic Party tweeted the same instructions over the weekend.

So Newsom might be recalled, but Democrats … don’t want people to vote for a Democratic replacement? Even just in case? They would effectively be ceding the race to a Republican such as pro-Trump radio host Larry Elder, the type of figure who in all likelihood would never become California governor in a non-recall election.

A hater at the Los Angeles Times just called Elder “the Black Face of White Supremacy,” adding: “You’ve Been Warned.”

In addition to being panicky, that has to be one of the most vile, racist, and stupid things to write/say/think. And from a black liberal columnist, no less.

Conservative Brief continues:

A CBS News/YouGov poll revealed that 48% of likely California voters favor a recall of Newsom and 52% are opposed to his removal.

The poll also found that conservative talk radio host Larry Elder leads the 46-candidate field of contenders to replace Newsom, with 23% of the vote.

It’s not supposed to be this close. Newsom is deep blue in a deep blue state.

Could it be that more Californians are getting fed up with rising violent crime, lack of punishment for offenders, homeless people dumping, peeing, and shooting up on city streets, as well as sky-high housing prices and a faltering electric grid?

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