By Duncan Smith

Very early on in the COVID pandemic was the last time Dr. Anthony Fauci was honest about the spread of COVID-19.

He said in March 2020 that wearing masks for hours at a time to ‘stop the spread’ of the virus was pointless.

Later, he would say that he was lying to prevent Americans from rushing out and buying up all the masks that were available and thus deny them to important frontline medical personnel.

Fauci hasn’t been honest about this virus and this pandemic since.

Nevertheless, the government he works for continues to lie to us by telling us that masks do help and that’s why officials are continuing to mandate — despite science that says otherwise.

The Liberty Daily has more based on a new dataset from three states:

Pandemic Panic Theater may be the worst gaslighting and propaganda agenda we've ever seen. Facts and science have been tossed out the door by governments, media, academia, and even many in the medical arena. Logical statistical analysis has been replaced by unhinged hysteria and placating 'solutions' that have less of an impact in stopping Covid-19 than a placebo.

Louisiana is one of the latest states to initiate an ineffective face mask mandate. In a comparison between Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi, one thing is crystal clear: Face masks just don't work. Compared to neighboring states, the face mask mandate in Louisiana seems to have increased the rate of infection instead of mitigating or stopping it.

In the image above as well as the Tweet of the image below, the data sourced from the NY Times Covid-Tracker reveals that face mask mandates have zero impact. When they're implemented, the numbers do not go down faster than in neighboring states where they're not implemented. Conversely, when mandates are lifted the case numbers do not rise faster than in neighboring states where they're still in place.

There is almost nothing the Biden regime is saying about this virus now that is accurate.

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