By Duncan Smith

The divide between liberty-stealing blue states and liberty-loving red states is growing wider still as Americans hungry for freedom and prosperity continue to abandon blue state, Democrat-run, crime-infested, homeless-infested, high regulation and high tax environs for red-state bliss.

The flight includes minorities, but also migrants as well.

Just the News reports:

Data from the 2020 census confirms a population shift that reflects “the decade’s broad population shifts: slow growth in the Northeast and Midwest, and gains in the South and some Western states.”

According to census data, many black Americans moved from northern blue states to Georgia, Texas, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia. The Brookings Institution suggests reverse migration is a cultural issue, with blacks relocating to communities where they were born or where their families lived before the Great Migration era (1917-1970), when six million people left segregated southern states to pursue jobs in the North.

However, Chuck DeVore, vice president of national initiatives at the Texas Public Policy Foundation and a former California State Assemblyman, argues that migration is primarily related to economics and employment patterns, meaning states that are less expensive with more jobs will attract residents, whereas states that are more expensive with less jobs will lose them.

Using IRS data, a 2020 Cato Institute study found more Americans moved from high-income tax states to states with no income tax or lower income taxes.

“The largest out-migration is from high-tax New York, whereas the largest in-migration is to low-tax Florida,” the report states. “Florida is enjoying an influx of wealthy entrepreneurs and retirees looking for a tax climate that boasts no income tax or estate tax.”

Let’s face it: Conservative, Republican-leaning red states stand for liberty and opportunity; Democrat-fun blue states stand for Marxist socialism, high taxes, fewer opportunities, and less freedom.

How much more evidence do we need to prove that?

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