By Duncan Smith

Donald Trump tweeted out a critique of the failing Biden regime on Friday with the teaser question, “Miss me yet?”

Our answer: “Yes, Mr. President. We’ve missed you every day you’ve been out of office and more every day you’re not back in.”

One of the things we miss most about Trump is his love, respect for, and funding of our military, and the patriotism he instilled within the ranks.

That was important, the patriotism part, because the military is literally the last institution in our country that isn’t overrun with Marxist politicos and ideology.

That is changing fast under Herr Biden, however.

Not long ago, Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, lectured GOP lawmakers following their opposition to critical race theory being taught to the officer’s corp via our service academies.

Republicans got the message.

USA Features News adds more:

Congressional Republicans will seek to bar the U.S. military from teaching critical race theory at its academies and to its service members, reports said on Friday.

Specifically, House Republicans are rallying around a strategy to attach a provision banning CRT instruction to the National Defense Authorization Act, which will be up for debate when lawmakers return next month.

Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.), a West Point graduate and infantry officer who later became a flight surgeon after med school, serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan, said the provision is part of an overall 'strategy' to purge the highly controversial materials from military educational institutions.

'Those amendments will be heard, I believe 1 September, as amendments to the NDAA, and by asking for a vote on it, folks like [Rep. Abigail] Spanberger and [Rep. Elissa] Slotkin, who are on the committee, are going to have to basically say what they believe,' Green said of two of the House Armed Services Committee Democratic moderates.

'They're in tough swing districts,' he added. 'I think there's a chance they would vote for it, and [it would] get on.

He said Republicans 'only need two or three Democrats' on the House Armed Services Committee to vote in favor of the amendment to get it out of committee and to the floor, and that NDAAs always pass when they make it that far.

The bottom line is this: The military is our last line of defense against the complete Marxist takeover of our institutions. Some Republicans, at least, appear to understand that.

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