By Duncan Smith

We’re convinced there is only one reason why MSNBC exists: It’s a deep state creation whose purpose is to propagandize and radicalize the hard-left Marxist elements in our country.

And no one is better at it than Joy Reid.

Her entire program consists of one schtick: Anti-white racism, blatantly, openly, and constantly.

On Wednesday, she was back at it with far-left lunatics Rep. Eric “Russian truther” Swalwell and that ‘national security expert’ phony Malcolm Nance.

The subject? How nearly 75 million Americans are “terrorists” who want to kill children because they are Republicans and/or supporters of Donald Trump.

The Blaze fills in the blanks, and pay particular attention to the overt anti-white racism just oozing from these mindless haters:

Reid kicked off her show by rehashing the rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on the fourth anniversary of the deadly event.

“Four years ago tonight, we got our first on-camera glimpse of the fascism right in front of us,” Reid claimed, then compared the “Unite the Right” white nationalist rally to the “torchlight rallies held at Nuremberg during the Third Reich.”

Reid purported that Charlottesville was the “tinderbox” that led to the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol building.

Reid then welcomed MSNBC contributor Malcolm Nance, who said the conservative base believes that Democrats “must be destroyed by force of arms.”

[Clue for Nance: He’s a liar; Republicans en mass have never said that.]

“You know, there’s a substantial portion of the gun-slinging conservative base that really doesn’t support QAnon,” Nance said. “Even though, and I said this a year ago on this program, QAnon would take over the Republican ideology, and it has, even though they don’t allow Q shirts at Trump rallies and things like that, the belief in the inherent evilness of all Democrats and that that there’s a global cabal that must be destroyed by force of arms, that is now standard throughout the conservative base.”

“The Republican Party — you know, I used to joke that they were Vanilla ISIS, right, all of these militiamen and everything out there. They were like ISIS,” Nance ranted, as reported by NewsBusters. “They were like al Qaeda in the sense that they radicalized online, they would meet together in secret and they did all of these activities, which were very much like a terrorist insurgency.”

Nance said some conservatives see themselves as the second coming of the Sons of Liberty and alleged many of them “are preparing for civil war right now.”

Nance asserted that Republican lawmakers are “subliminally” encouraging their base to fight.

“There are many of them right now that are ready to fight and we’re seeing politicians in the statehouses and the Capitol who are actually, you know, pushing them subliminally to fight,” Nance claimed.

Swalwell then pivoted to how Republicans are “literally killing us” by conservatives claiming “the lie that the election was stolen” and “the lie that vaccines do not work also propagated by Tucker Carlson, Kevin McCarthy and, you know, those guys in the Republican Party, it’s killing Americans and it’s starting to kill our kids.”

These people are worse than gaslighters; they are the real-deal domestic terrorists.

There is no reconciling with people of this mindset.

If anyone is trying to whip up their side for domestic conflict it’s Marxist Democrats like these lunatics.

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