By Duncan Smith

Without question, Nancy Pelosi has become the most noxious, toxic Speaker the House has ever seen.

She’s worse than a partisan hack, she’s an authoritarian who runs the chamber like Mao and the Castro Brothers ran their countries.

Pelosi literally shuns bipartisanship. She couldn’t care less what Republicans and their 100-million-plus voters think.

But her reign of terror may soon be coming to an end, according to a predictive piece in The Atlantic.

'Sometime in the not-so-distant future, probably after next year's midterm elections, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will announce that she's stepping down,' the Atlantic wrote.

But it’s not as though the California Democrat is going to be replaced by a ‘moderate.’

'And pretty much every Democrat in Congress and beyond is confident that Representative Hakeem Jeffries of New York will be the next speaker of the House, if Democrats manage to hold on to their majority next year—or the minority leader if they lose it,' the report notes.

So we’ll go from rank partisan to rank partisan who thinks all whites are racists. Great.

The Atlantic went on to speculate why there hasn’t been much discussion on Pelosi’s departure.

'Democratic members of Congress won't talk about any of this publicly, as if Pelosi might suddenly appear and pull their hearts from their chests,' the Atlantic remarks. 'Jeffries, carefully, left it at telling me that growing up in a Black church taught him to respect and value his elders. But none of the two dozen Democratic members of Congress and party insiders I spoke with privately could present a serious alternative to Jeffries. He'd have the support of the Congressional Black Caucus, which is stacked with influential members. He's popular with his colleagues, even those who grumble that he was too meek to challenge Pelosi earlier.'

Frankly, Congress could use some comity. But we’re not likely to get any as long as Democrats remain in control and it’s Pelosi or Jeffries at the helm.

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