By Duncan Smith

The Marxists who forced Donald Trump to shut down our economy and then kept it shut down for nearly a year so they could beat him at the polls in November have made more than a shambles of things.

They have completely destroyed the economic juggernaut Trump’s tax-cuts-and-low-regulation policies had created.

There are millions of jobs but not enough workers to fill them because millions are still getting government unemployment checks thanks to Democrat-passed ‘COVID relief’ legislation.

Meanwhile, the economy is awash in dollars but there is a global dearth of goods so with more dollars competing with fewer goods, the prices of what is available are rising at historic rates.

And the rest of the economic news is worse, Breitbart reports:

Forty-nine percent of owners say they have job openings that they cannot fill, the largest share in 48 years. Plans to fill open positions remain very high put slipped from June's very high.

Inflation pressures remain high but they are shifting from goods to services. In July, 52 percent of owners reported raising selling prices. The NFIB said that there were declines in price increases in wholesale and retail trade. The largest increases in price-hiking activity came in non-professional services and transportation. Forty-four percent said they plan to increase prices over the next three months, tied with the record high in June.

A net 12 percent of owners say current inventories are 'too low,' up one point from June and also a 48 year high.

'Ultimately owners could sell more if they could acquire more supplies and inventories from their supply chains,' National Federation of Independent Business chief economist Bill Dunkelberg said.

The Marxist left has created this economic disaster, and they did it on purpose.

Never forget, you can’t usher in a revolution without chaos and people ‘clamoring for change.’

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