By Duncan Smith

Joe Biden’s handlers are not wasting a moment of time in implementing their Marxist agenda.

But between opening up the borders so they can seed red states with future Democrat voters and ignoring Supreme Court rulings they don’t like, their boy in the Oval Office isn’t simply bending the Constitution he’s setting it on fire.

You can’t not defend our borders against an invasion.

You can’t order a new eviction moratorium after the Supreme Court tells you they are unconstitutional.

And if you do these things anyway as president, then you ought to be impeached, period.

Because these are actual reasons to impeach a president, unlike the thin excuses Democrats chose to impeach the most effective president in a century, Donald Trump.

So, are Republicans up to it? Do they have a spine?

Some do, and now a growing chorus of conservative voices is pressuring them to start talking up the “i” word ahead of next year’s midterms, including former Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis, who became the latest voice on Saturday.

USA Features News has the details:

In comments to Newsmax TV on Saturday, Ellis pointed to Biden’s border policies, which including allowing tens of thousands of migrants into the country illegally, including many testing positive for COVID, while ignoring a Supreme Court order barring eviction moratoriums as reasons why Republicans should begin talking about impeachment even though they are currently in the minority in Congress.

Biden’s immigration policies are particularly egregious, Ellis said.

“This is something that is so disgusting and disturbing of the Biden administration that they are refusing to protect the American citizens first by closing the border,” she told the network. …

Ellis then went on to note that last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention re-implemented a moratorium on evictions after the first one expired July 31, even though the Supreme Court ruled such bans were unconstitutional. Biden later justified the action by claiming “key legal scholars” thought the action could be legal though he admitted that most other experts agreed with the high court.

“There are multiple things that Joe Biden is doing here that do, in my view, constitute impeachable offenses, and I think that if the Republicans in Congress want to take seriously,” Ellis continued.

She argued that Republicans have “standing” to impeach “in terms of the congressional mandate to review the chief executive and to not let him get away with clearly unconstitutional behavior, like the CDC moratorium that he knows is in bad faith.”

Biden “knows that this flies in the face of a prior Supreme Court decision. He said that he doesn’t know if it’s legal, but he’s moving forward anyway,” she added.

“These are things that directly violate his oath of office,” the attorney continued.

Democrats (and some Republicans) literally impeached Trump for nothing. Any Republican who balks at impeaching Biden for clear violations of his oath of office and the Constitution need to be replaced at the earliest possible opportunity.

We are literally running out of time to save our country from the Marxist autocrats who are working every second to take over.

Ellis joins Mark Levin and Dan Bongino in calling for Republicans to work up impeaching Biden. 

More people with influence need to speak up too and pressure Republicans to grow a spine and get this done. 

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