By Duncan Smith

It took a century, but ‘progressives’ within the Democrat Party, all descendants of the original progressive, Woodrow Wilson, have succeeded in destroying the U.S. labor market.

And the economy won’t be far behind.

Worse, they had plenty of help from congressional RINOs who are more concerned about what someone in the left-tard media says about them than doing what is best for our country and what they promised their voters.

New labor statics from the federal government are stunning, startling, and frightening all at the same time, especially when you consider the goal for every government should be to ensure its people are gainfully employed because that is what keeps a society functional and growing.

Zero Hedge reports:

While consensus was expecting the BLS to report a print of 9.270MM in June job openings, which would be a new all time high and a modest increase from Mayh’s 9.209MM, nobody – not even the most optimistic whispers – was prepared for the shocking 10.073 million job openings that hit the tape at 10am ET sharp. This unprecedented number of job openings was made possible as more than 3.3 million openings were added in the past 6 months, with every single month of 2021 seeing an increase in job openings, the longest such stretch in history.

Looking at the details, the increase in job openings was driven by a number of industries with the largest increases in professional and business services (+227,000); retail trade (+133,000); and accommodation and food services (+121,000).

The record number of job openings stands out in stark contrast against the countless Americans who are still collecting various pandemic emergency unemployment claims, which in the latest week was just above 11 million.

But the biggest shocker is that while we were expecting the BLS to report that there were some 500K more job openings than unemployed workers, a testament to just how broken, supply constrained and/or overheating the US job market is, the actual number meant that there were 1.371 million more job openings (10.073MM) compared to the total number of unemployed people which as of July was 8.702 million.

We can’t have a functioning, healthy, society with such a job-unemployed imbalance. 

Businesses can’t expand and grow if they can’t find enough workers.

The Democrats and RINOs did this on purpose. Don’t expect the current crop of ‘lawmakers’ to improve the situation anytime soon.

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