By Duncan Smith

Well, the 2020 (COVID-delayed until 2021) Tokyo Olympics are over and NBC likely couldn’t be happier.

Or more embarrassed.

The network hosted the coverage in the U.S. and watched as viewership cratered from the get-go.

It seems that Americans by the tens of millions are sick and tired of watching their pampered athletes crap on their country.

And that is especially true for Olympic athletes, who go to the Games specifically to compete on behalf of our nation.

Taking knees, holding up “X” symbols, turning backs on the national anthem, all took a toll.

And advertisers were plenty ticked off — so much so that NBC is awarding them extra ad spots because millions fewer Americans tuned in.

The Epoch Times reports:

U.S. television ratings for the Games saw a considerable decline over the 2016 contests.

NBC's primetime coverage on July 26 averaged 14.7 million viewers, which is a nearly 50 percent drop compared to the same night during the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics—and it's 53 percent less than the 2012 Olympics in London. The overall TV audience for the Tokyo Games, according to Nielsen ratings, was down about 45 percent from the Rio Games.

Some have speculated that the pandemic, as well as certain Team USA athletes' embracing of 'woke' viewpoints, with some not standing for the national anthem, alienated certain viewers, which contributed to the decline in ratings.

'NBC's primetime coverage of the Tokyo Olympics on July 26 averaged 14.7 million viewers — for a 49% drop compared to the equivalent night from the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games and 53% less than the 2012 London Olympics,' Fox News reported.

'The opening ceremonies saw their lowest viewership since 1988,' the outlet added.

'The Olympic spirit is a bit dampened this year,' Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute in New Jersey, told Fox News.

'The delay from last year and lack of spectators have taken the edge off the typical anticipation and excitement for this event. But the emergence of Black Lives Matter in the sports world has also led to a backlash among some Americans,' Murray added.

Let’s be honest: The main reason why viewership declined has less to do with ‘the pandemic’ than the fact that Americans are increasingly fed up with athletes turning every event into an opportunity to spout a left-wing anti-American message.

Maybe one day these woke idiots will care enough about their decline in viewership and revenue to keep their mouths shut and play their games.

But we doubt it.

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