By Duncan Smith

Can a rock be racist?

Of course not. No inanimate object can be.

That includes a statue of a Confederate general, by the way, or a monument to Gen. George Custer or any of our founding fathers.

But they are deemed so by the Marxist ideologues who have taken over the ‘Democratic’ Party because none of this is about “racism.”

It’s about erasing our history, culture, and traditions.

And by all accounts, the Marxist left is winning.

The University of Wisconsin has become the latest losing battleground, as The Blaze reports:

The University of Wisconsin removed a large boulder from its Madison campus on Friday because two student groups complained that the rock was a symbol of racism. Just before 7 a.m. on Friday, crews began securing straps to the Chamberlin Rock on the top of Observatory Hill at the UW-Madison campus in Madison, Wisconsin. A crane was used to load the boulder on a flatbed truck, which transported the rock to another location.

The boulder is named after Thomas Crowder Chamberlin, a 19th century geologist and former university president. The university excavated the 42-ton boulder and placed it on the top of Observatory Hill to honor Chamberlin.

“The boulder is a rare, large example of a pre-Cambrian era glacial erratic that experts say is likely over 2 billion years old. It was carried by glaciers from as far north as Canada and dumped on Observatory Hill along with billions of tons of other debris when ice receded from the state about 12,000 years ago,” according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

However, one news article from nearly 100 years ago referred to the rock as a racial slur, so now the rock must go. A Wisconsin State Journal story from 1925 called the rock a derogatory name for black people, which ignited a campaign to have the boulder removed despite the report that “historians have not found any other time that the slur was used” in regard to the Chamberlin Rock.

We’re not sure what is dumber, the claim that this rock is “racist” or the fact that campus administrators were shamed into removing the rock.

But what we do know is that another piece of Americana, another bit of our history and culture, is now gone. Removed.

And soon forgotten.

The Marxists are playing the long game here, folks.

They know that over time, their ideology will win out as they systematically destroy our heritage.

This is why we must protest and protect our monuments at every opportunity.

It’s about preserving who we are as Americans, and we’ve accomplished a lot.

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