By Duncan Smith

We’re barely six months into Joe Biden’s stolen term, and thankfully the hue and cry over his disastrous policies are rising fast among real-deal conservatives.

Earlier in the week, top talker and former Reagan Justice Department official Mark Levin said it’s time for Republicans to step up and impeach Biden for destroying border security, allowing COVID-infected migrants into the country illegally, and stomping on the Constitution to re-impose an illegal eviction moratorium.

Now, fellow Fox News host Dan Bongino has issued the same call.

USA Features News reports:

Arguing that 'new rules are in effect' in the House after Democrats moved to impeach former President Donald Trump twice once they took over the majority in January 2019, Bongino, a former NYPD officer and Secret Service agent intoned, 'It's time to start playing hardball.'

Bongino made his case after playing a clip of conservative talk host and fellow Fox News host Mark Levin, who made the case for impeaching Biden earlier this week during an appearance on colleague Sean Hannity's show.

'The Democrats think impeachment is a strictly political tool to get rid of your political enemies, even when they don't have a reason? You know, fake impeachment one, fake impeachment two over Trump. Well, now we have a real reason,' said Bongino, though both times Trump was acquitted in the Senate.

Bongino cited Biden's lack of control over the U.S.-Mexico border, saying that the president's reversal of Trump's enforcement policies have invited an 'invasion' of migrants streaming illegally into the country.

Conservatives like Bongino and Levin, along with a few Republicans in Congress, know today’s Democrats very well.

They know what it takes to win — ‘win,’ meaning, preserving our republic and returning it to its former constitutional self.

So does Donald Trump, which is why a vote for one if his candidates is a vote for our future as a viable country.

Otherwise, it’s curtains for America.

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