By Duncan Smith

Marxism always functions the same way, and it doesn’t matter how smartly its principles are implemented.

Marxism enhances the power and wealth of society’s elitists, while crushing the hopes, dreams, and progress of the masses.

Period. That’s the only way Marxism works. We’ve got over a century’s worth of evidence to prove it (evidence that is continuing in dung holes like North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, much of South America, etc.).

Now, the American Marxists are upon us.

Claiming to be “Democrats” who ‘care about people’ more than anyone else, they are actually destroying more Americans’ lives by the day.

While Biden lets in millions of poor illegal immigrants, he’s working to crush small-to-midsize businesses with a combination of COVID and executive actions.

The latest victims: Landlords.

Biden’s regime issued a patently unconstitutional eviction moratorium this week that was already slapped down by the Supreme Court.

When he did, a realtor group in Alabama immediately filed suit. Good.

But in the meantime, property owners who have been waiting months already for rent checks they are ‘legally’ barred from collecting, their tenants are living large.

It’s all part of the plan to destroy our capitalist, individualist society and replace it with the horrors of authoritarian Marxism.

The Daily Wire has more:

A landlord from North Carolina is speaking out against the Biden administration's extension of an eviction moratorium as he faces a $24,000 hole from unpaid rent while his tenants, the landlord said, are 'buying boats.'

Buddy Shoup told Fox & Friends this week that he's owed $24,000 in unpaid rent due to policy prescriptions supposedly tied to the coronavirus pandemic. As he hemorrhages costs, Shoup outlined, his tenants bypassing rent have purchased three boats.

Despite this financial dilemma, 'the federal government slowly dribbles out rental assistance, of which only 7% has been doled out to renters in need,' Fox News reported.

'[The money] was used, they went and bought brand new boats, but I mean, you know in a time of crisis like what we've been through, you're evidently getting money from somewhere, but it's not getting to me,' Shoup said.

'It goes way beyond the loss of rental income, we're still bound by county rules and laws,' the North Carolina man added. 'We have to maintain the property.'

The tenants buying up boats, Shoup said, contacted him when their air-conditioning failed in the middle of the summer.

Shoup was then legally required to make a steep $4,500 repair on the property but received no money from the tenants or the government to cover the costs, Fox News outlined.

This is beyond lunacy. What’s more, this cannot and will not stand.

A majority of Americans are still freedom-loving, patriotic members of society whose profound sense of fairness will rebel against this tyranny at the earliest. Hide and watch.

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