By Duncan Smith

Who among our founders would have ever believed that future generations of Americans would literally sit by idly while a president encouraged and enabled an invasion of our country?

But that’s what’s going on right now, as you read this.

A hundred million Americans, minimum, are ticked off about the number of migrants being allowed to simply waltz into the country, and yet there isn’t a single governor or state legislature standing up to say “no more.”

Worse, Biden’s not merely facilitating an invasion into our country.

He’s allowing it to happen during a pandemic that has already killed more than 660,000 Americans, with more dying daily.

And as a new variant of COVID-19 is spreading.

This is insane. Worse, it’s country-ending.

There is one governor, however, who is doing what he thinks he can to push back — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

He’s ordered National Guard to the border. He’s ordered state police to start arresting migrants who cross illegally into the state. And he’s ordered police to turn back vehicles carrying illegal immigrants.

For these actions, the Biden regime threatened a lawsuit.

Now, the Texas Republican governor has responded.

“The Biden Administration has created a constitutional crisis between the federal government and the State of Texas. This stems from the Biden Administration’s refusal to enforce immigration laws and allow illegal immigrants with COVID-19 to enter our country. President Biden has a duty and a responsibility to protect and uphold our nation’s sovereignty, yet he has long-since abdicated his authority to do so,” he said.

“As the Governor of Texas, I have a responsibility to protect the people of Texas — a responsibility that grows more urgent by the day while the Biden Administration sits on the sidelines. I have the authority, and duty, under the constitutions of the United States and of Texas to protect Texans and our nation. I also have the authority under long-established emergency response laws to control the movement of people to better contain the spread of a disaster, such as those known to have COVID-19. My duty remains to the people of Texas, and I have no intention of abdicating that.”

According to Abbott, the Biden administration needs to “stop admitting migrants who are not authorized by Congress to be admitted,” which would “substantially reduce the importation of COVID-19 while also fulfilling the federal government’s role to faithfully execute the laws of the United States.”

“It is clear that the Biden Administration fundamentally misunderstands what is truly happening at the Texas-Mexico border,” Abbott continued. “It would be of some solace if the federal government were conducting appropriate COVID-19 testing and other mitigation strategies, but to the contrary, we hear too many reports of the federal government recklessly failing to do so and instead admitting into the United States — and Texas — migrants from over 150 countries, many of whom are testing positive for COVID-19.”

“In short, the Biden Administration is jeopardizing the health and safety of Texans on a daily basis by refusing to follow the law. And it’s not just Texans; these irresponsible policies and actions by the Biden Administration are endangering the lives of many Americans as well as the unlawful immigrants themselves.”

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