By Duncan Smith

Remember when DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claimed not long ago that the border with Mexico was “closed?”

And when Kamala Harris claimed that “extreme progress” is being made with the mass of illegal immigrant crossings?

Or when Joe Biden said migrants in federal custody were down by 90%?

Yes, well, every single one of these statements was a bald-faced lie, as revealed by several reporters who are a) honest; and b) actually on the border watching as the regime allows hundreds of thousands of people to just waltz into our country and get on a bus so they can be taken to the interior (where they’ll be waiting for the day when Democrats can legalize them to vote).

“We are witnessing the mass release of migrants in downtown McAllen today. Border Patrol buses and vans are pulling up every 15 minutes. Agents tell us it'll be happening all day long. Hundreds released so far. Most going to the McAllen bus station. BP overwhelmed,” Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin reported Monday.

USA Features News adds:

'NEW: Per DHS sources, local Border Patrol stations in McAllen area are currently 585% over capacity and there are 'mass releases' underway. @GriffJenkins reports there were more than 8,000 apprehensions in RGV over the weekend, and more than 3,000 in the last 24 hours,' Melugin reported, tagging fellow Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins.

Jenkins later retweeted his colleague's post and added on Monday that over the past 24 hours, the Rio Grande Valley sector's Border Patrol agents encountered more than 3,000 illegal aliens, 'an increase of 655% compared to' fiscal year 2020.

He added that the weekend total was more than 8,140.

Americans, this is our country, not theirs. This has to stop.

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