By Duncan Smith

We’re not convinced that Nancy Pelosi and her merry band of Democrat Marxists aren’t trying to goad Republicans and conservatives into secession so they can move in with the newly woke U.S. military and ‘clean house’ once and for all.

But it sure seems like Pelosi is trying to provoke the GOP and their tens of millions of voters.

That’s the only way to describe the woman’s threat to have any congressional staffer or civilian visitor arrested if they dare walk the halls of ‘her’ Capitol or enter ‘her’ House chamber without a mask.

Not even kidding.

A memo from Capitol Police officials outlined the threat, though the agency has since walked it back somewhat.

Still, it was issued. And it came on behalf of that tyrant Pelosi, who has apparently come under the impression that she is a goddess and has complete control over the people’s house despite having a majority in the single digits.

Well, if she wanted Republicans to revolt, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Per USA Features News, here is a smattering of what some of them have said:

One GOP lawmaker, Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky, even dared officers to arrest his staff.

'This is INSANE. Might as well come into my office and arrest my entire staff. We are not wearing masks,' Massie tweeted.

'I support the Capitol Hill Police, but the Chief of Police made a mistake here. The physician and the chief of police don't have this authority,' he added.

Other GOP lawmakers pushed back as well, leveling criticism at Pelosi in the process.

'Vaccinated, law abiding Americans: arrest them. Unvaccinated, illegal border crosses bringing COVID into America's interior: here's a plane ticket,' Republicans on the Government Oversight Committee wrote.

'In Biden-Pelosi's America the maskless are arrested while the looters, shoplifters, and border crossers go free,' Rep. Darrell Issa of California added.

'This is a ridiculous abuse of power by Nancy Pelosi. It's the People's House, NOT Pelosi's House!' said Rep. Jerry Carl of Alabama noted.

'This is so out of control. Pelosi is massively drunk on power, obsessed with control, and hypocritical and partisan beyond belief. This isn't just some mask mandate either,' Rep. Lee Zeldin said.

'The enforcement measures are absurd. *There are now just 27 COVID-19 patients in ALL DC hospitals,' he noted further.

'Speaker Pelosi's draconian behavior isn't even based on credible science. This isn't about our well-being. This is about politics and power,' Utah's Rep. Chris Stewart wrote.

'This is insanity. Threatening arrest for not wearing a mask is unlawful and tyrannical!' said House Freedom Caucus chair Rep. Andy Biggs.

'To be clear: Pelosi is directing police to ARREST vaccinated people who aren't wearing masks. This isn't about science—it's about power and control,' noted House Minority Whip Steve Scalise tweeted.

And so on.

This level of animosity and partisan rancor cannot lastBut it’ll be up to Pelosi and her ‘revolutionary party’ to end it since they are behind the majority of it.

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