By Duncan Smith

So much of the way Democrats govern is against the will of the people, but they are good at convincing enough voters in enough of the country they are a viable party so they stay afloat.

That said, one of the issues Democrats are completely wrong about is federalizing elections.

Most Americans hate that idea, and not just a little, according to a new survey that comes amid the Marxist Party’s ongoing efforts to pass the misnamed “For the People Act,” which would overturn current state laws that include integrity provisions like voter ID, scrubbing voter registration rolls for outdated names, monitoring ballot dropboxes, and limiting mail-in voting.

Newsmax has the details:

A new poll shows that a solid majority of voters do not want the federal government involved in state elections, especially regarding voter registration.

The survey found that 67% of voters rejected the idea that federal agencies would be able to override their state’s election procedures.

Another showed that 71% opposed a federal takeover of voter registration if they knew that a state’s voter registration procedure would become dependent on the politics of whomever is in the White House at the time.

Overall, the poll, conducted by the Center for Excellence in Polling, a project of the Foundation for Government Accountability, found that 58% of voters reject a federal takeover of state registration procedures.

FGA spokesman Nick Stehle said that ”research from the Center for Excellence in Polling clearly shows that removing state control from the regulation of election processes such as voter registration is unpopular among a bipartisan coalition of voters. Policymakers should keep this in mind when passing legislation related to election reform.”

Democrats don’t want to pass their ‘voter reforms’ because current state-level ballot integrity provisions are “racist” or “bigoted.”

They want to install the kind of cheating that took place during last year’s election theft and make it ‘officially’ the law of the land so they never lose elections in the future.

If that ever happens, our country will cease to be a constitutional republic.

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