By Duncan Smith

The number of people in the U.S. illegally is 11 million.

Did you know that? It’s ‘official’ or, really, as ‘official’ as it gets.

Everyone uses that figure when discussing the subject.

Only, as a highly touted Yale/MIT study found in 2018, the real number is likely twice the ‘official’ number: 22 million.

There is no way Democrats don’t know this.

They are well aware of the real number of people living illegally in the United States.

And they want to make every one of them Democrat voters.

That’s why Biden’s handlers had him overturn all of Donald Trump’s border enforcement actions.

Flood the country with more illegal aliens ahead of legalizing all of them.

That was the plan all along, no doubt.

Sen. Tom Cotton is trying to sound the alarm bell now that Americans are distracted by other things like rising COVID sicknesses, crime rates, and a fake show trial on the Jan. 6 Capitol breach.

Per USA Features News:

Sen. Tom Cotton warned in an op-ed Tuesday that the worsening situation along the U.S.-Mexico border under President Joe Biden's immigration policies has become a 'national security' issue as he railed at Democrats for attempting to sneak an amnesty provision into an unrelated infrastructure spending bill.

'On his first day in office, President Biden rescinded the proclamation declaring a national emergency at the southern border. Then he cut off funding for the border wall and gutted virtually all Trump-era policies to reduce illegal immigration, including the successful Remain in Mexico policy,' Cotton, an Arkansas Republican and former U.S. Army infantry officer who deployed to Iraq, wrote…

'The consequences of Biden's 'see no evil' approach to chaos at the border have been predictable,' he added.

'Record numbers of illegal aliens from Central America and elsewhere are now streaming across the border, taking full advantage of the Democrats' open-border policies,' he continued.

Cotton noted that in June, U.S. Border Patrol and immigration enforcement officials encountered 188,000 migrants trying to cross illegally into the U.S., 'the highest number in more than two decades.' …

He said Senate Democrats, with their thin majorities in the House and Senate, are likely to pass $4.1 trillion in new spending using the budget reconciliation process that allows them to bypass the 60-vote filibuster in the upper chamber.

Cotton added 'they're trying to use this reckless spending package to grant legal status to millions of illegal aliens, who are taking jobs that could otherwise be filled by American workers.' …

Cotton went on to predict that the amnesty, especially, will have a long-term negative effect on all Americans.

'This policy would wreak havoc on our social safety net as the world's poor flood into America for generous, taxpayer-funded benefits,' he wrote.

Legalizing 22-plus million people with the stroke of a pen will permanently change the face and political make-up of our country. And that’s been the Democrats’ objective all along.

Democrats don’t want to simply govern. They want to rule, which is something else entirely.

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