By Duncan Smith

Should Americans be able to work, function normally in society, go to entertainment venues, and be a part of our country if they don’t want to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

No, according to the left’s poster child, Geraldo Rivera.

The “correspondent” who was ejected from Iraq by the Pentagon after he gave away a vital U.S. military movements live on-air is channeling his inner authoritarianism per his masters in the Democrat Party by insisting that unvaccinated Americans be denied their birthright to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness if they refuse to take the vaccine.

The Washington Times reports:

One of Fox News Channel's top personalities called for mandatory vaccination against COVID-19, upon threat of forced home isolation.

Geraldo Rivera made the demand Tuesday reacting to a story in the New York Post that nearly one-third of New York's nursing-home workers hadn't been vaccinated.

Mr. Rivera agreed on Twitter that this situation was 'absolutely insane' and issued the crackdown demand.

'No Vaccine, no work, no school, no in-person shopping. You have a right not to be vaccinated. I have the right to protect my kids,' he wrote.

Tuesday's call to bar employment, shopping and schooling to the unvaccinated is not Mr. Rivera's first demand for draconian state measures against those who do not take the COVID-19 shots.

In February, according to tweets collected by Twitchy, he called for vaccine passports for the inoculated and in March he said private industry would force them on America even if the state didn't.

'Vaccine passports are a good idea. They'd benefit both holders of the passport and people with whom they come in contact. And it really doesn't matter if you don't like the idea because businesses, colleges, airlines, cruise liners, etc are going to require them,' he wrote.

It doesn’t matter if they ‘benefit’ anyone or not, Jerry.

What matters is the Constitution, and if doesn’t apply universally, to all Americans at all times, then it’s meaningless all the time.

Mark Levin has often said we are living in a post-constitutional America. He’s right of course; this insanity from Rivera proves it.

But the real question — the only one that really matters at this point — is this: Can we ever get back to the principles our country was founded upon?

If most Americans answer no, then it’s time for Plan B.

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