By Duncan Smith

What the H is happening to the U.S. military?

We hear that question asked a lot these days.

There’s a reason for that: Our military, or at least the military brass, are becoming more brazenly political than at any time in our country’s history.

And this isn’t a good thing a) because our military is supposed to be — was once required to be — apolitical; and b) the military’s top leaders are demonstrating a distinctly Marxist bent, a political ideology 180 degrees in opposition of a constitutional republic founded on free-market capitalism, liberty, and individual freedoms.

The latest example comes from U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Donahoe, the Commanding General of the Maneuver Center of Excellence and Fort Benning.

Red State has more:

So he's joining right in with the political hit agenda of Joe Biden, encouraging the censoring of people for a different political opinion than his. Lippincott wasn't spreading any misinformation. His 'offense' was raising a good point that this general didn't want to answer. But even had Lippincott been spreading something false, it isn't the role of the military to be encouraging shutting down political opinion with which they disagree. This is just wrong and conduct unbecoming on top of it. The bottom line was the general had no real response, so he wanted to shut down criticism. Some general. He couldn't even deal with a battle on Twitter.

This isn't the first time that Donahoe has gotten involved in high-profile political disputes on Twitter. He was also one of the officers who attacked Tucker Carlson back in March when Carlson criticized the military for being more concerned about being 'woke' than about concentrating on the core mission of winning wars. Many of the officers falsely suggested that Carlson was attacking women serving in the military, which was not what he said. But again, why is a general officer getting involved in attacking a journalist on social media?

“The military really needs to look at where they're going here because we are in serious trouble if this is what they are concentrated on. Unfortunately, they wouldn't do any self-reflection with the leadership like this and Grandpa Disaster in charge,” Red State’s Nick Arama added.

We agree.

The military used to be apolitical. The U.S. military by law is supposed to be apolitical.

But when the highest-ranking commanders become political and are not punished for it, then this only encourages more politicization, not less.

And when this becomes the qualifier — being on the ‘correct side’ of politics — we are in heap big trouble.

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