By Duncan Smith

If ever a government agency has gone or been ‘rogue,’ it’s the FBI.

Since the days of J. Edgar Hoover, the director who literally had something on just about everyone in Washington, D.C., to the present day, this agency has operated above the law.

And as we’ve seen in recent years after senior FBI officials led the felonious conduct into spying on the Trump campaign and President Donald Trump once in office, no one gets punished, which is why this agency continues to operate outside the bounds of the law.

What we hear much of, however, is criticism of the bureau from its own people.

It’s like an unwritten rule at a secret society: ‘Don’t talk bad about the secret society.’

But one former deputy director and a former ranking agent are now speaking out about the widening gulf in treatment of conservatives supporters of Trump and left-wing anarchists like BLM and Antifa members.

The New York Post has more:

[Danny] Coulson said he was shocked at the FBI's tweet last week urging citizens to monitor 'family members and peers' for signs of extremism. 'The bureau's job is to collect evidence, not to develop informants,' Coulson said. 'That was inappropriate.'

Coulson said he and others are 'very upset' the FBI hasn't arrested anti-government and anti-fascist protesters who have been leading violent demonstrations in Portland and Seattle for more than a year — yet are bearing down so hard on those arrested for the insurrection at the Capitol.

Coulson used to run the Portland, Ore. FBI office and said the FBI has the jurisdiction under racketeering statutes to go after the activists who set fire and vandalized federal office buildings and threatened police.

'I am not demeaning what happened that day,' Coulson said of Jan. 6. 'But I'm asking why [those] people are being punished at this level and others aren't. In Portland and Seattle you clearly have federal laws being violated in plain sight and nothing done.'


Wayne Manis, a former FBI agent took on the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Nations and the Weather Underground before retiring in 1994, said the bureau today bears little resemblance to the place he worked for years. Manis, author of the 2017 book 'Street Agent: He took on the mob, the Klan and the terrorists-The true story,' said the new FBI has an agenda he doesn't understand.

'I and many of my friends from the old FBI are completely astounded about seeing things that we would have moved on, being totally ignored over the past year,' he told the paper. 'Burning a police station? Where are the arrests?

“There've been multiple incidents of violence by Antifa and BLM activists that fall under FBI statutes. The majority of domestic terrorism is on the left but we're being told it's coming from the right.'

The FBI is out of control and has been for years. The agency needs to be shut down or, at a minimum, states and cities must refuse to work with these politicized hooligans.

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