By Duncan Smith

Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley has become awfully “woke” since Donald Trump is no longer officially the commander-in-chief.

He and the other Joint Chiefs appear to think that critical race theory and ‘understanding white rage’ is the most important issue facing the U.S. military today.

That’s the problem with first-world military commanders who have never been seriously tested in battle.

They get too comfy and think dealing with first-world problems is more important than winning wars.

The problem is, 330 million Americans can’t afford for jack legs like Milley to be wrong.

Not even once.

America is benevolent, historically, when we win wars. Our enemies would not be so benevolent.

Like China.

The Chinese are busy building a first-world military and they have been for decades.

Chinese commanders don’t give a damn about race theories and ‘whiteness.’

They care about winning the next war, one they are preparing for, one they see coming.

Milley, according to a recently published analysis, maybe doesn’t see war coming.

But it is.

Brandon J. Weichert, author of 'Winning Space: How America Remains a Superpower,” issued a warning. Writing in the Washington Times he notes:

Commercial satellites passing over the western desert of China have revealed a massive, previously undetected nuclear missile range under construction. Multiple silos have been constructed in a place where six months previously, nothing existed. Military analysts believe China has added 100 intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) to its arsenal.

Meanwhile, since 2019, China's navy has been engaged in a shipbuilding spree, specifically of their submarines, aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships, so much so that one Chinese official described it as akin to 'dropping dumplings in water.' …

If a war between China and the United States ever erupted, it would be fought mainly at sea, in waters closer to China than the United States. The battlespace would be highly contested and fraught with dangers for conventional offensive systems like the aircraft carrier. If the aircraft carrier was the ubiquitous weapon in the Pacific Theater of the Second World War, then, in all probability, the submarine will be the primary weapon for the Americans in the Indo-Pacific. Yet, the United States has not invested in building more submarines. And the current fleet of subs is insufficient for China's challenge. …

Rather than address this glaring vulnerability, the current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), US Army General Mark Milley, recently told the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) that China would not have the capability to invade Taiwan before 2027. More dangerously, Gen. Milley asserted that a Chinese attack on Taiwan in the next 18 to 24 months would be 'technically complex.'

Given just how far China has come in such a short time (they are the second-largest economy globally with a rapidly advancing high-technology base), one has to wonder what Gen. Milley and the Pentagon are thinking with this assessment? 

Few in Washington believed Japan could ever mount a serious challenge to the United States Armed Forces. No one believed Pearl Harbor was ever at risk because launching such an attack on Hawaii was too technically complex for the Japanese. On December 7, 1941, the Japanese Empire proved all the naysayers wrong.

Gen. Milley should put his Critical Race Theory books down and read more history. Just because China was an agrarian backwater ruled by a cult of personality 40 years ago does not mean that China is that way today. In fact, China has rapidly evolved—with the help of ignorant American policymakers and greedy Western corporations—into a highly innovative, potent, and dynamic force that seeks to challenge America's status as the world's dominant power.

History may not repeat itself but it sure rhymes.

China isn’t Japan…but it could be, very soon.

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