By Duncan Smith

America is coming apart at the seams.

Slowly but surely, we are becoming more factional, more tribal, less hospitable toward those whose political, social, and cultural views we don’t share or relate to.

And increasingly, we are moving toward a day when we’re either going to engage in a peaceful divorce or, like in the 1860s, we will go at each other.

Here’s hoping that, if the country can’t remain ‘united,’ it’s the former and not the latter option we choose.

To that point, voters in another Oregon county have opted to try and leave the state to join a “Greater Idaho,” where the politics are a lot redder and a lot more to their liking, leaving the deepest, bluest parts of the state behind.

The Western Journal reports:

Another county in Oregon will now get to decide whether it supports a plan to secede from the state and join Idaho.

This November, Harney County residents will get to vote on the 'Greater Idaho' proposal, which seeks to change the Oregon-Idaho border, according to KTVZ-TV.

One of the two main groups behind the initiative, 'Move Oregon's Border,' told the outlet that it had collected the necessary signatures for the proposal to be on the ballot.

According to the Greater Idaho website, Harney County Clerk Derrin Robinson said in a news release, 'The Question to be voted on by the people of Harney County is: Shall the County Court meet three times annually to discuss promoting Harney County's interests regarding relocation of the state border?'

The reasoning behind the Greater Idaho plan is to create a better Idaho so that counties with more conservative populations can join a red state, according to the Greater Idaho website. The website also says that through the approvals of the plan at the county level, it seeks to 'convince state legislators to stop holding rural Oregon counties captive in a blue state.'

Harney County will be the next in line to vote on this initiative, while Move Oregon's Border is still working toward obtaining the necessary signatures in six more counties, the site says.

Additionally, the website says that county commissioners have been asked — in five counties that Move Oregon's Border was not allowed to distribute petitions in — to place a question regarding Greater Idaho on their ballots.

This comes on the heels of a recent survey that found nearly two-thirds of Southern Republicans want out of the union, and nearly 50 percent of Northwestern Democrats want out.

Now for the bad news.

None of this secession stuff is going to happen voluntarily. That is, the powers that be won’t allow states or regions to simply say goodbye and do what our founders did, set up a government of and for and by the people that was more suitable to them than the British monarchy.

And that’s the hypocrisy of it all.

So, states or counties or enclaves that want out will simply have to declare it so — they’ll not get permission from Congress or the Biden regime or even state governments like that of Oregon.

And when they do that, they’d better be prepared for what’s likely to come next.

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