By Duncan Smith

Crime is up all over the U.S., and that is due to one thing and one thing only: The purposeful failure of left-wing prosecutors and judges to hold people accountable.

Crime goes down when there is a price to pay for one’s illegal actions. That’s just true. We have decades’ worth of data proving that.

But when those laws are relaxed and go unenforced, guess what? Crime rises.

And people die.

Like people in St. Louis, one of the most violent cities in the country.

The St. Louis County prosecutor, Kim Gardner, is a left-wing counterrevolutionary who was put into office with George Soros’ money.

She was elected (by him) to do one thing: Change society by sowing chaos.

She’s doing a great job at that — not so good at enforcing laws and keeping residents safe.

Even from alleged murderers.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that someone accused of murder last year has just been set free by a judge because Kim Gardner’s prosecutors didn’t bother to show up in court.

Three times.

The paper notes:

A circuit judge dismissed a 2020 murder case last week and said the Circuit Attorney's Office 'abandoned its duty' after St. Louis prosecutors failed three times to show for court hearings or respond to a court order to produce evidence.

Circuit Judge Jason Sengheiser on Wednesday dismissed first-degree murder, armed criminal action and unlawful gun possession charges against Brandon Campbell, 30, after no one from the Circuit Attorney's Office showed up for scheduled hearings in May, June and July.

'The court does not take this action without significant consideration for the implications it may have for public safety,' Sengheiser wrote in his order. 'Although presumed innocent, (Campbell) has been charged with the most serious of crimes. While the court has a role to play in protecting public safety, that role must be balanced with adherence to the law and the protection of the rights of the defendant.'

Sengheiser continued, 'The Circuit Attorney's Office is ultimately the party responsible for protecting public safety by charging and then prosecuting those it believes commit crimes. In a case like this where the Circuit Attorney's office has essentially abandoned its duty to prosecute those it charges with crimes, the court must impartially enforce the law and any resultant threat to public safety is the responsibility of the Circuit Attorney's Office.'

This kind of outrage is not supposed to occur in a civilized society.

Gardner and her staff need to be replaced, wholesale, and then charged by a new regime as accessories to the crimes they fail to prosecute, as they swore an oath to do.

Our society continues to crumble.

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