By Duncan Smith

Democrats are evil geniuses when it comes to figuring out how to influence Americans’ behaviors without them even knowing they’re being influenced.

For instance, take the push towards raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

That wasn’t going to get through a bitterly divided Congress. So Democrats in power now devised another way: Boost COVID-related unemployment benefits so much that companies who need to restaff after months and months of being closed or forced to reduce work exposures look to rehire as the pandemic wanes.

The result: Millions of Americans have been refusing to go back to work because they make more on unemployment than they would at a job.

Two things have happened.

One, companies that need human beings to fill positions have raised their pay to at least $15/hour.

Those that don’t need humans aren’t bothering to try and attract them; instead, they’re replacing them with machines that don’t complain, don’t skip out on work, are there every day, don’t demand raises, and aren’t subject to Democratic policy manipulation.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Economic data show that companies have learned to do more with less over the last 16 months or so. Output nearly recovered to pre-pandemic levels in the first quarter of 2021 — down just 0.5% from the end of 2019 — even though U.S. workers put in 4.3% fewer hours than they did before the health crisis. …

CEO Jim Risoleo said the hotel chain planned to limit housekeeping at many of its properties and reconfigure its food and beverage operations. 'It is really going to be opt in to housekeeping services as opposed to opt out going forward,' he said during a November call with analysts and investors. The company also reduced management staff by 30% in 2020 in its food and beverage department and said the changes would be permanent.

“Amid the past year's decline in air travel, Raytheon — the largest American aerospace supplier by sales — will manage to avoid re-hiring factory workers as consumer demand returns,” the Daily Wire adds.

The WSJ:

The company said that most if not all of the 4,500 contract workers who were let go in 2020 wouldn't be called back. The pandemic accelerated some of the company's plans to automate factories and implement more digital technology, said Paolo Dal Cin, the executive vice president of operations and supply chain at Raytheon.

At restaurant and entertainment chain Dave & Buster's Entertainment Inc., customers now use digital tablets to order food and drink, allowing managers to schedule fewer servers, the company's chief operating officer, Margo Manning, said on a call with investors in June. Applebee's is now using tablets to allow customers to pay at their tables without summoning a waiter. The hand-held screens provide a hedge against labor inflation, according to John Peyton, CEO of Applebee's parent Dine Brands Global Inc.

So because too many Americans continue listening to and following Democrats, they’re going to find themselves permanently locked out of a shrinking labor market made smaller by automation — because human labor has become so unreliable.

Way to go, Dems. Is there anything your party touches that it doesn’t destroy?

Don’t worry; we already know that answer to that rhetorical question.


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