By Duncan Smith

The insane left is coming for our next generation of leaders and they’re not waiting until our kids get to college.

They’re going after them at the elite grade school level.

New York City’s top schools — those that charge between $50,000 and $60,000 a year per student — are making it clear that all new teachers and staff members have to be fully on board with Marxist critical race theory and similar curriculum or they need not apply.

The objective is clear: They know many if not most of our future leaders in tech, business, and government come from these schools, so they want to indoctrinate the next generations of them so their liberty-stealing ideology can dominate and put the final nails in our republican experiment of self-government.

The New York Post reports exclusively:

Many of New York City's once-vaunted private schools are hunting for the next generation of woke educators to preach the gospel of anti-racism and critical race theory, a review of job applications by The Post shows.

Leading the way is Ethical Culture Fieldston School, which is on the market for a ballet instructor 'committed to challenging Western dance forms and the hierarchical and pedagogical practices that often center whiteness in dance classrooms and on stages,' according to a job description posted to the school's website.

A rep for Fieldston did not respond to a request asking for clarification about what an 'inclusive science curricula' was.

We know what it is: It’s anti-white, anti-tolerance, and pro-conformity.

The same kind of job applications were being posted for other NYC elitist schools including:

— Grace Church School — $57,330 a year

— $58,350-a-year Riverdale Country School

— $58,505-a-year Trinity School

— Spence School — $57,385

'You graduate and all you can talk about is race and justice, but can you do math and science?' one parent complained.

That’s right; none of these lunatics have bothered to define what their lofty terms and objectives mean or what bring “equity” and “justice” to math and science looks like.

But hey, our next generation of leaders will be well-versed in the Marxist party line, even if they can’t think critically, do the math, or govern.

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