By Duncan Smith

Imagine, if you can, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, when she was still serving in that role, standing before the press corps and admitting that the Trump administration was working with big tech to censor content.

Yes, we know, big tech is run by libtard hypocrites who shun capitalism but live life as multimillionaires and they would never work with a Republican president on anything, much less one named Donald Trump.

But still…just imagine.

Heads would explode. Some older correspondents would likely stroke out right there in the briefing room. Teeth would fall out on the floor, having been gnashed out of heads. The anger would have been palpable and uncontrollable.

And yes, it would have been considered “impeachable” by congressional Democrats, no doubt.

Now — imagine if Joe Biden’s angry little flak, Jen Psaki said his administration, made the same statement.

What do you think the media’s reaction would be?

If you answered “dead silence along with a healthy side of gratuitous head-nodding,” give yourself a cracker.

That just happened earlier Thursday.

Yes, it’s all over “COVID” again. Yes, Democrats are still using this virus to justify their tyranny. Yes, they’re going to keep using it as long as they’re permitted to get away with doing so.

But it’s okay, right? They’re only ‘combatting misinformation,’ so what’s the big deal?

Because one person’s “misinformation” is another person’s factual information that the first person just doesn’t want anyone to know about.

That’s what’s happening here. With COVID. With the regime.

This is not okay folks, but there may be a silver lining, as McEneny herself noted on Twitter following Psaki’s admission.

Yeah, we’re okay with this helping out Trump’s lawsuit against big tech.

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