By Duncan Smith

Democrats all over the country are blowing up our political system and intentionally making it dysfunctional because they can’t stand it when they’re out of power.

Case in point: Texas.

Democrats there bailed out of a special legislative session on Monday because they refuse to allow the majority of residents in their state, through their representatives, enact voter integrity legislation that ensures all Texans a) can vote; b) can participate in fair elections; and c) can be assured that their votes are not being canceled out by illegal votes.

Gov. Greg Abbott called the special session to get the voting integrity bill passed along with a list of additional legislative priorities that he and Republicans have every constitutional right to pass because they are in the majority.

That’s the way our republic works; if Democrats want to become the majority, they have to do so with policy proposals that a majority of state residents support. It’s a simple as that.

But no.

Democrats refuse to color within the lines of our governing processes because they are petty, tyrannical hypocrites, as are their supporters.

The Texas Tribune has the details:

The Daily Signal adds:

If democracy dies, does any leftist care?

You'd think so: After all, we've had years of hand-wringing about the erosion of democracy in our nation, from The Washington Post's 'Democracy dies in darkness' motto to The New Yorker magazine fretting in a headline that 'American Democracy Isn't Dead Yet, but It's Getting There.' No doubt, you'd think, the last thing liberals would want to see is state legislators thwarting the will of the people.

But you'd be wrong.

Instead of being eviscerated, the dozens of Texas Democrats fleeing the Lone Star State to prevent a vote in the state Legislature on proposed election reforms are being hailed as heroes.  …

Once, the left understood that such shenanigans were hardly pro-democracy. When Oregon Republicans pulled a similar stunt in 2020, Vox headlined an article: 'Oregon Republicans are subverting democracy by running away. Again.' In the commentary, author David Roberts lamented, 'It is an extraordinary escalation of anti-democratic behavior from the right, gone almost completely unnoticed by the national political media.'

But now, Texas Democrats—unlike the Oregon Republicans—are on the 'Right Side of History.'

First and foremost, this is not about a “national debate over voting rights.” Republicans are not trying to ‘prevent people from voting.’ That is a blatant, and dangerous, lie.

Rather, Republicans are trying to ensure that Americans can once again trust the outcome of elections after Democrats blew up voter integrity in several key states during the 2020 election under the guise of ‘keeping people safe from COVID.’

And now, in Congress, they want to bring those same rule changes — drive-through voting, mass mail-in balloting, unregulated drop-off boxes, elimination of all voter ID laws, barring counties from cleaning up their voter registration lists, etc. — to the entire country.

That’s what Texas Democrats really want, too. Hence, their childish and pathetic antics of leaving the state.

We are literally in a cold war for the future of our country, as Democrats continually show us they’re not interested in preserving our nation as founded.

Texas Democrats made that obvious again on Monday.

There is no way to politically reconcile with members of a party who believe they have a right to blow up our system if they don’t get their way.

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