By Duncan Smith

Americans got something ‘extra’ when Joe Biden’s Democratic operatives got him elected last year.

We also got a heavy dose of Communism.

Democrats took complete control of the government, and though their majorities in the House and Senate are very thin, it’s enough to impose their will.

And imposing it, they are — by creating a virtual police state.

Utilizing the false narrative that the Jan. 6 protest was an “insurrection,” the Biden FBI is now ‘encouraging’ Americans to rat on each other in a way reminiscent of the authoritarian Soviet and Chinese state.

PJ Media has more:

There's a lust for federal control on the Left that's grown immeasurably, especially since January 20, 2021. It had been getting out of hand all during the pandemic last year. We've witnessed the uncomfortable spectacle of almost half the country willingly ceding their freedoms and celebrating government control of their lives.

Somebody should tell them they live in the United States of America.

Kidding. It's getting more difficult by the day to recognize our beloved country. For example, here is a little something from the FBI's Twitter account:

Those graphics look like they were done in a Soviet propaganda shop in 1975.

And indeed, maybe they did. Because we all know how the Soviet state surveillance apparatus was dependent in part on the citizenry.

The point is, the Biden regime literally is trying to become a regime. And they want our help to achieve it.

These people are not kidding around; they are playing for keeps.

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