By Duncan Smith

We’ve been reporting for months about how Joe Biden’s handlers have turned the U.S.-Mexico border into a turnstile.

Hundreds of thousands (no, that’s not a misprint) of illegal aliens have poured into our country since the Hapless One was inaugurated.

And he continues to feed the crush with new orders, like the one he scribbled on Friday banning ICE from deporting pregnant or postpartum months.

Well, you know what that’s going to do: Next we’re going to have a rush of pregnant and poor third-world mothers traipsing across Mexico to have her automatic U.S. citizen in an American hospital.

It’s getting beyond absurd what Biden’s handlers are doing to our country.

And some lawmakers are finally stepping up to call this what it is: An invasion they have all taken oaths to prevent.

Newsmax has more:

Rep. Lee Zeldin, R- N.Y.,  on Sunday called the surge of migrants at the U.S.-Mexican border a 'staggering crisis.'

In an interview on Fox News' 'Sunday Morning Futures,' Zeldin, who has announced his intention to run for New York governor, said lawmakers have to respond with what's necessary to bolster the border.

'It’s a staggering crisis at our border right now,' he said. 'Reality is setting in. We have as members of Congress an oath … provide for the common defense, funding the Department of Homeland Security and ICE,  Border Patrol' to enforce 'the rule of law.'

'We talk about people who come across her border and …you look at those numbers we also have to take account for the things that come across — the drug trafficking and arms trafficking, the story behind these numbers often times labor trafficking and trafficking as well,' Zeldin added.

He said the government has to provide all the resources needed.

'It’s important for those in government to provide all the resources to law enforcement to do their job safely, effectively because this is not just something that crosses the border but it quickly spreads to cities and communities across the country,' he said.

Here’s the reality: Barack Obama, who is running Biden’s show behind the scenes, doesn’t want to stop this invasion.

These people knew exactly what they were doing when they had the Hapless One sign orders reversing Donald Trump’s border security policies.

They knew there’d be an invasion.

So lawmakers — state and federal — who are seriously concerned about this situation had been start understanding two things:

— This is purposeful and it is an invasion.

Therefore, they’re going to have to get really creative in stopping it.

We’re running out of time.

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