By Duncan Smith

It’s become more obvious that Democrats are getting heap-big desperate ahead of the 2022 midterms in which they already feel they’re set to lose many seats in the House and Senate.

The party’s biggest legislative priority, by far, isn’t “infrastructure” or budget-busting spending, but the misnamed “For the People Act,” which is nothing short of a federal takeover of all elections.

Specifically, Democrats want to impose on the country all of the last-minute voting rule changes their operatives made in key battleground states that somehow, miraculously, went for Joe Biden in 2020, ‘flipping’ from Trump.

We all know what those changes were designed to do — allow elaborate cheating — and that’s what happened.

Now, Democrats want to impose those changes on the entire country so the party never has to face minority status again.

Then all of the other priorities — ‘infrastructure,’ gun control, spending the country into oblivion, imposition of socialism — can be implemented.

The party’s desperation was clearly enunciated on Friday via Rep. James Clyburn, the Majority Whip from South Carolina, as the New York Post reports:

South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn, one of President Joe Biden's top congressional allies, is urging him to push for major changes to the Senate's filibuster rules — because without swift passage of the Democrats' election reform bill, the party 'can kiss the majority goodbye.'

'I don't care whether he does it in a microphone or on the telephone — just do it,' Clyburn, the House Majority Whip, told Politico Saturday.

Clyburn has floated the idea that Senate Democrats could tweak the filibuster — which requires 60 votes to end debate on most measures and move them to a final up-or-down vote — to let bills that address constitutional rights pass by a simple majority.

That carve-out would make it possible for Dems to pass their long-sought For the People Act, a sweeping measure that would rewrite hundreds of state election laws at a stroke.

Maybe if Democrats governed with a modicum of concern for average working-class Americans, like Donald Trump did, they wouldn’t have to resort to underhanded tactics like crapping all over state voting laws (and there’s nothing that says if, by chance, they get their voter reform bill passed there won’t be legal challenges from several states over constitutional issues).

But they don’t care about that. They care about power, period. And they are willing to blow up our election integrity efforts to get it.

Clyburn’s plea smacks of desperation. The next year will be pivotal in our history.

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