By Duncan Smith

It is obscene the way elitist Democrats treat working Americans.

They don’t give a damn one way or another if their policies hurt average Americans, they’ll pursue them to the ends of the earth even if it means keeping as many people as possible in poverty.

Rising gasoline prices are a direct result of Joe Biden’s national energy policies, and we all know that.

Gas prices were low and stable under Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ energy policies in which he turned the fossil fuel industry loose to find and produce new and existing supplies to the extent where our country became energy independent in less than four years.

Now, however, gas is up because oil production and exploration is down; lower supplies coupled with increased demands equals inflationary pressures at the gas pump and on monthly energy bills. It’s Economics 101; every penny and dollar rise in energy costs is like a hidden new tax on American earners, and of course, Americans making the least amount of money are hit the hardest.

But Biden’s handlers don’t give a damn; their objective is to make us more dependent on government and limiting our movement so we’re more easily controlled.

And the governor of the most populous, wealthiest state — Gavin Newsom of California — is doing his part.

Fox Business Network reports:

California denied 21 oil-drilling permits this week in the latest move toward ending fracking in a state that makes millions from the petroleum industry but is seeing widespread drought and more dangerous fire seasons linked to climate change.

State Oil and Gas Supervisor Uduak-Joe Ntuk sent letters Thursday to Aera Energy denying permits to drill using hydraulic fracturing in two Kern County oil fields in order to “protect “public health and safety and environmental quality, including (the) reduction and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions.”

Aera Energy, a joint venture of Shell and ExxonMobil, called the denials “disappointing though not surprising.”

“This is the latest decision attacking the oil and gas industry that is based solely on politics rather than sound data or science,” Aera spokeswoman Cindy Pollard said Friday, adding that the company was evaluating its legal options.

“Banning hydraulic fracturing will only put hard-working people of California out of work and threaten our energy supplies by making the state more dependent on foreign oil,” she said.

Of course, that’s true. And it’s equally true that multimillionaire Gavin Newsom doesn’t care how much of a crimp this decision puts on his own citizens as well as the country at large: He’ll get around no problem because an extra $10 or $20 on a fill-up is no big deal to him, while it can make or break low-income Americans teetering on a budget as-is.

These people are garbage, pure and simple. They fabricate a ‘crisis’ to impose their authoritarian policies on people who have no real power to do anything about it.

That’s the definition of tyranny. 

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