By Duncan Smith

The Biden regime is filled with left-wing ideologues who don’t care much for what the majority of Americans want when it comes to energy.

Where wind, solar, and other forms of ‘green’ energy make sense and are affordable, most Americans are all for it.

But when it comes to transportation, the vast majority of Americans are ‘hooked on oil.’

Gas-powered engines are much more efficient today than at any time in the history of gas-powered engines, and that’s one reason why Democrats have been considering ramping up the highway tax or imposing highway use taxes — it’s because cars are efficient and more importantly, they burn clean.

The vast majority of air pollution, in fact, doesn’t come from America but from developing major powers including China and India.

But nevertheless, the regime wants ‘green’ so by golly, they’re going to get green, even if they have to force it on everyone — including shutting down fossil fuel exploration and production, regardless of how expensive gas and oil-powered energy becomes in the meantime.

Not to mention all the jobs that will be lost in the industry.

Well, red states have had enough of the green and they are fighting back.

North Dakota is filing suit against the regime after Biden signed an executive order specially prepared for him by Barack Obama’s people banning new oil and gas exploration on federal lands.

Only, Obama’s people and Biden don’t have the executive authority to do that.

The Epoch Times reports:

North Dakota on July 8 sued President Joe Biden's administration over its cancellation of a planned auction of oil and gas leases.

Under the Mineral Leasing Act, lease sales must be held at least once a quarter in each state where eligible lands are available. But the lease sale scheduled for March was canceled and a regularly scheduled sale pegged for June was not held.

North Dakota officials said in the lawsuit, filed in federal court, that the illegal cancellations appeared to be in response to a Biden executive order that directed the secretary of the Interior to 'pause new oil and natural gas leases' provided doing so was consistent with the law.

The impact of the actions was compounded because the blocked development of federal lands has led to a delay in developing state and private interests, the suit added.

Administration officials have also canceled or postponed lease sales in other states after Biden's order was issued. Biden has said he wants to push the country to adopt alternative forms of energy at a faster pace.

'Ignoring the Executive Orders admonition to act consistent with applicable law, the Federal Defendants' actions violated several Federal statutes and exceeded their limited scope of discretionary authority,' the 30-page suit states.

'I have taken this action to protect North Dakota's economy, the jobs of our hard-working citizens, and North Dakota's rights to control its own natural resources,' said North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, a Republican, in a statement announcing the filing.

Obama liked to skirt U.S. law and the Constitution to impose policies like DACA, which directly contradicted immigration law. But he got away with it because ‘muh first black president’ and because federal courts and the Supreme Court trended leftward. That’s not the case after four years of Trump nominees.

We believe court actions to force the regime to comply with the law will trump — yes, that’s a pun — any attempt to drive the country greenward in a fossil fuel world. Plus, Americans will rebel at the ballot box against the skyrocketing costs of energy.

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