By Duncan Smith

Reasonable Americans with more than a couple of brain cells to rub together know that there were some ‘shenanigans’ that went on during the 2020 election cycle, and those ‘shenanigans’ benefitted the Democrat Party.

They know that Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, were about as popular as a fat man with a gas problem in a crowded elevator.

They know that Donald Trump couldn’t go anywhere to hold a rally without the venue being sold out and overflowing — that doesn’t include all of the spontaneous boat and vehicle parades.

We also know that ‘shenanigans’ went on because Democrats have really pushed back against any red state attempt to reform voting laws to ensure that the ‘shenanigans’ don’t happen again next election cycle.

And the next one. And the next.

No more COVID-related excuses to flood cities with unmonitored drop boxes, for instance, or ballot harvesting schemes.

We also know, now, that Democrats were in on the ‘shenanigans’ because a former Democratic representative, Donna Edwards, just spilled the beans.

'Well, and — and Donna Edwards, this political stalemate on voting rights legislation is because congressional Republicans, you know, blocked it, and the reality is reforming the filibuster doesn't seem like an actual possibility right now with the votes in the Senate. I mean, what — what can the president actually do here?' CNN’s Kasie Hunt asked her on Thursday during an interview.

'Well, you know, for — for Democrats, I mean, it is both a moral crisis of, you know, black voters, minority voters being really shut out of — you know, of the process, but it also means that it's a political crisis for Democrats,' Edwards argued.

'These rules, these restrictive rules that have been put in place in the state are such that it could really cost Democrats seats in the House and the Senate,' she admitted, adding, I mean, 'That is how serious it is.'


'And so I think that there's going to have to be a level of urgency raised by the White House, by the president, by the vice president around the country, both an inside and outside strategy that is going to lift up the need to do voting rights, not in a year, not down the line, but right now,' she continued.' And I don't know that I've seen that urgency yet.'

'I hope I will see it coming out of the White House from this meeting today, but you know, some of these Democrats just have to get onboard,' she continued 'And you know, Republicans are not going to come onboard, we know that, and so let's stop existing in that fantasy world and get down to the business of passing legislation that is going to make it easier and not more difficult for voters to cast their votes come the following elections.'

For the record, there is nothing in the Constitution or in the law that requires states to make voting “easier” — just not restrictive. As in, states cannot target anyone specifically and make it harder or impossible for them to access the voting process.

That said, Edwards just let the cat out of the bag: Dems oppose these Republican-led voter integrity reforms because … well, you know why.

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