By Duncan Smith

It’s not hard to know what our founders thought about their hard-won rights and liberties, because most wrote their feelings and viewpoints down.

The Federalist Papers literally describe the purposes and intentions behind the Bill of Rights, which form the foundation of our Constitution.

That includes, of course, the First Amendment and freedom of the press.

The founders believed that a free press was vital to holding the powerful to account.

They viewed the press generally as a powerful instrument of truth, responsible for keeping citizens informed about the pressing issues of the day.

But now, some 245 years after our founding, the media in America is garbage, point-blank.

Newsrooms and outlets are replete with political hacks and operatives, most of them leftists, that newspapers and news sites are really just propaganda outlets for the Democratic Party.

Our founders would be highly disappointed if not bewildered and angry if they could somehow see what opportunists have done to the First Amendment and the press’ responsibility to keep Americans properly informed.

What is clear, however, is that trust in the American media has collapsed, and it’s the media’s fault: They lie, they obfuscate, they intentionally misreport, they insinuate, and they fabricate.

The Washington Examiner has more:

In the latest demonstration of the difficulties the news media face, a sizable 58% of likely voters told Rasmussen Reports that they believe the media are 'truly the enemy of the people,' a phrase coined by former President Donald Trump.

Some 46% disagreed, but the highest number (34%) said that they 'strongly agree' with Trump.

As with similar surveys during the Trump era, Democrats believe the media far more than Republicans. Now, 56% of Democrats 'trust' the news they receive versus 58% of Republicans who don't.

The partisanship is not surprising.

But there was some agreement on 'fake news,' another Trump phrase, being a serious problem. A supermajority of Republicans, 92%, said it is a problem, as did 74% of Democrats. Overall, 83% said it is a big problem.

Our framers understood that without a free and unbiased press that held true to its duty to keep Americans factually informed, the new country would not long survive.

At this rate, their worst fears are going to come true.

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